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I was born in Manhattan. Raised in Brooklyn.

Graduated college in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Currently residing in Philadelphia. 

I have worked as a freelance filmmaker and photographer for two years in Philadelphia. My freelance work runs the gamut of video production, from music videos to corporate talking-head interviews. I have over seven years of experience in all aspects of the film and television industry, from shadowing a camera assistant on the feature film, Split (2016), to working as a quality-control operator at IFC Films and Giant Interactive.

My passion is in movies. I am interested in telling uncompromising stories from unique perspectives. My personal work focuses on trying to find a new grammar for movies and pushing the language of film beyond its comfort zone. I would say I work mainly in narrative genres, but I do not consider documentary and narrative to be mutually exclusive. There is room for aspects of documentary within a narrative film, and there is room for aspects of fiction in a documentary. In fact, I would say that they are both necessary for either form to exist.   

While my greatest passion is in feature films, I also have a passion for short-form content. The Internet and social media have allowed short-form content to flourish.


These days, it seems that every business or non-profit organization needs not just one video, but multiple, engrossing videos to show to current and future potential clients.


This is where I come in.


I want to help you stand out from the crowd and create a video that allows you to cast a wider, more effective net, acquiring new clients and enthusing returning ones. Setting aside a budget for video content is not just an expense but an investment - an important and necessary one in this day and age. 

I have worked with many businesses and non-profit organizations who have benefited financially from the high-quality video content they upload to their websites and social media, as well as broadcast television. At the same time, all too often, I find social media pages and websites with little or no video content. And if there are videos, they are of very low quality and not engaging enough for the preoccupied minds of today's audience. 


Every company, big and small, competes for the eyes and ears of consumers, and the competition continues to grow and become more competitive every year. If you want your business to grow and evolve with the times, then high-quality video content is not as much a choice anymore, as it is a necessity for the continued success of your business. 

Fortunately, technology has allowed smaller, independent production houses to flourish in recent years. You no longer have to be in Hollywood to make videos that look and sound great. 

Whether your organization or business has experience in video production or no experience, if we decide to work together, we will design a plan that will be our roadmap to creating the content you are seeking, within a budget you can afford. 

I hope we can begin working on creating videos together soon. At the end of the day, if you are not satisfied with the video, I guarantee your money back.

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